About CIRC

10th Annual Chinese Internet Research Conference

CIRC10: Social Media, Digital Entertainment, Governance & Social Movements

  • Conference dates: May 21-22, 2012.
  • University of Southern California, Davidson Conference Center
Featured Speakers

Ge Wang
SMULE founder

Jenova Chen

Ting Chen
Wikimedia Foundation


Ten years ago, when China’s Internet population totaled 22.5 million and Facebook and Twitter had not even been conceived, a group of researchers came together to organize a conference to study the Internet in China. By all indications even then, it was clear that China would have a major impact on the global digital economy. Ten years on, that foresight has been vindicated.

China today has the largest Internet population of any country and it has made its presence felt in the Internet space. In all aspects of the Internet – online gaming, micro blogging, search engines, e-commerce, content regulation, Internet governance, international domain names – China is both changing and being changed by the Internet.

The annual Chinese Internet Research Conference (CIRC) investigates these phenomena, asking probing questions into what, how, to what extent, and why these changes are taking and have taken place.

Hosted by the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, the 10th Annual Chinese Internet Research Conference – CIRC10 – will be held on May 21-22, 2012, in Los Angeles, the world’s entertainment capital.

CIRC10 will examine trends and themes as we explore the ways in which the Internet and other technologies interact with Chinese cultural and social life. We welcome contributions from all and disciplines that seek to address these themes.

This interdisciplinary conference brings together scholars, analysts, industry leaders, journalists and legal practitioners from around the world to examine the impact of the Internet on Chinese societies, its social, cultural, political and economic aspects, as well as how China is changing the Internet.

Topics include:

  • Industry involvement – gaming, youth, social media; consumption patterns, online popular culture;China as original developer in gaming products;
  • Governance issues – state regulation and content controls; e-government and mgovernment; civil society and Internet governance; China and global Internet governance;
  • Online social movements – social media and grassroots activism; micro blogging and its impact across traditional Internet portals and start-ups over the new generation of Chinese “digital natives”;
  • Ten years in retrospect – review of developments in digital/social media and prognoses for the future of the internet

Conference cooperating institutions include:

The Intellectual Property Law Center at Drake University Law School; Institute for
Pacific Asia at Texas A&M University; School of Journalism and Communication at Chinese University of Hong Kong, School of Journalism and Communication at Peking University; Singapore Internet Research Center (SiRC) at Nanyang Technological University.

Past Chinese Internet Research Conferences were held at:
Georgetown University (CIRC9), Peking University (CIRC8), the University of Pennsylvania (CIRC7), the University of Hong Kong (CIRC6), Texas A&M University (CIRC5), Nanyang Technological University (CIRC4), Michigan State University (CIRC3), University of California at Berkeley (CIRC2), and the University of Southern California (CIRC1).

The Convener of CIRC10:
USC Annenberg School was founded in 1971 with generous support from Ambassador Walter H. Annenberg. Its strategic location in Los Angeles at USC enables it to foster dynamic synergies and multidisciplinary approaches to the study of communication and journalism through unparalleled access to the nation’s and the world’s entertainment, media and technology industries. Today, with more than 83 full-time faculty members and 120 adjunct professors, more than 2,200 undergraduate and graduate students, and dozens of research and public interest projects and programs, USC Annenberg has become a center for discussion among scholars and professionals in journalism, communication, public policy, media, and education. Multidisciplinary and international in scope, focused and practical in application, USC Annenberg scholars, both students and faculty, are defining these fields for the 21st century and beyond.

USC Annenberg School is proud to host CIRC10, marking the tenth anniversary from when the conference series first started at USC Annenberg.


第十届中国互联网研究大会将集结各领域优秀专家学者,围绕“社交媒体,电子娱乐,网络管理和社会活动”主题展开讨论。该年度论坛可谓史无前例,它为世界级的专家学者提供了一个研究和讨论中国网络、手机和相关新媒体技术的平台,同时也探究它们的发展与运用对于华人社会的影响。 与会学者拥有不用的学术背景,包括新闻与传播学、政治科学、法学、社会学、 心理学和教育学等,致力于不同领域研究,包括互联网的法律与政策、互联网使用者习惯、在线参与、游戏和网络公民社会等。该大会已经在鼓励中国互联网和手机的革新、帮助和推进学者间的交流合作以及促进研究成果发表方面做出了卓越的贡献。

         “中国互联网研究大会成立与 2003 年 5 月,一直致力于研究中国与互联网之间的相互关系。我们的目的不仅在于研究互联网如果改变了中国,更在于研究中国 如果影响互联网。在过去的十年,该年会已经吸引了大批的学者、媒体人士、业界精英以及政策分析员参加。他们一起开辟了从社交媒体到政府政策再到公民的参与度等多个领域的话题。我们非常激动的看到中国互联网研究大会这个 群体的快速成长和成熟,我们也迫不及待的想看到第十届中国互联网研究大会在它的出生地南加州大学安娜堡传播学院召开,相信这将是一次具有里程碑意 义的大会。”